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Nov 21, 2012 2:30am PST
. >>> as the northeast recovers from hurricane sandy, new jersey governor chris christie is receiving praise. 36% of new york voters say christie did the best job respond together disaster. 22% say president obama's was the strongest. not everyone is happy with christie. some republicans recent the popular governor for doing his job. they say the governor's praise of the president hurt mitt romney's chances on election day. romney -- >> wait. wait. wait. helping people through a storm is a bad political move? is that what they're saying? >> who are these? are these undisclosed names or people speaking out? all right. well, they're talking about data showing a high number of undecided voters who chose president obama at the last minute citing his handling of sandy as the major reason. >> congressman allen west of florida is admitting the song is over. the tea party republican conceded to his democratic challenge er patrick murphy aft two weeks of recounts and accusation saying the vote was unfair. west released a statement he believes there are inaccuracies in the results but his legal team doesn't belie
Nov 19, 2012 2:30am PST
president joe biden telling victims of hurricane sandy that he is going to, quote, home boy. we're going to show you that clip. >> i promise you he will screw this up. we'll be right back. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>> glad we took news. >> gather around, children. we've had enough of the real news. >> no, i haven't. >> we have. let's send it over to lewis for the water cooler. lewis, what are you looking at? >> thank you, joe. it's all about the garden state. new jersey governor chris christie dropped by snl's update to comment on the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> i'd like to thank the red cross and first responders. i want to give a special thanks to my wife who put up with her husband who smelled like a wet fleece for the past three weeks. >> you have been wearing that fleece a lot. >> it's been fused to my fleece. >> i have seen you wearing suits. >> i wear them over the fleece. i'm going to die in this fleece. if i may conclude, perhaps, with a line from a famous new jer
Nov 27, 2012 2:30am PST
in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. governor cuomo said the storm could cost the state nearly $42 billion, and new yorkers would need federal help footing the bill. while acknowledging that more people died during hurricane katrina in 2005, the governor said that sandy's damage was actually more widespread. >> when you look at the number of homes and businesses affected, this storm affected many, many more people in places than katrina. and arguably, therefore, this created more housing and economic damage than katrina. >>> new jersey which suffered massive damage to its transit system and coastline estimates that it nearly has $30 billion in damage. >>> u.n. ambassador susan rice is heading to capitol hill today to meet with some of her toughest republican critics and answer questions about the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. rice will sit down with senators john mccain, lindsey graham, and kelly ayotte. >> that should be fun. >> that could be really awkward. they all accuse her of misleading the country in her initial account of the attack. in recent days, senator mccain
Nov 29, 2012 2:30am PST
sandy. interesting stats expected out of the auto sectors. this could be good news. we think there may ab a pace of somewhere in the region of 15.2 million cars sold in november. the fact is that americans got very old fleet of cars. the average age of car now is 11 years old. it's 20% of the cars on the road are 16 years old. maybe renewing the cars is a big factor. great numbers for abercrombie and fitch, the shares are up 15%. this is a very well received set of numbers. >> you mentioned the abercrombie stuff. others are not doing well. i think i have figured out the differences between the two clothing companies. maybe it's the marketing campaign that is struggling. here's the classic abercrombie campaign. enough said. and here is aeropostale. buy your stock appropriately. thanks, steve. >>> as always, shoot us an e-mail and let us know why you're awake or text the word awake to 622639. waited so long for. that we'll read the best responses later in the show. still ahead on "way too early," things get a little chippy last night in boston. rondo and kim kardashian's former husband t
Nov 16, 2012 2:30am PST
campaign. >>> meanwhile, as new york recovers from hurricane sandy, president obama vows to revisit the worst hit areas until the damage is fully repaired. in his first trip to the state since the storm, the president took a helicopter tour of the devastation including the rockaways and breezy point which you might recall roughly 100 homes were burned in a massive fire and landed in staten island and the president met with storm victims, many of whom are still without power. >> i promise to everybody that i was speaking on behalf of the country when i said we are going to be here until the rebuilding is complete. and i meant it. i'm very proud of you, new york. you guys are tough. you bounce back. just as america always bounces back, the same is going to be true this time out. >> president obama signed his housing secretary sean donovan to be the point person for federal assistance in the area. >>> some business news and go down to the gulf. british oil company bp paying out $4.5 billion in connection with the 2010 oil rig explosion that killed 11 people and triggered a massive oil
Nov 28, 2012 2:30am PST
.e.d. lights on it, over 50 feet in diameter. hails from new jersey. it actually survived the super storm sandy which is amazing. >> so what's going to happen with an gus t. jones? that's all anybody cares about. >> okay. of course angus wants to save his paycheck. so he's apologizing. he apologized to the producers. he said, quote, i apologize if my remarks reflect me showing a indifference and disrespect to my colleagues and lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity which i have been blessed. i never intended that. >> so let me ask you, has he apologized for throwing jesus under the bus now? because has jesus changed his mind? >> he's just confusioned. he's a teenager that's a little confused. maybe he's still going through puberty. but the other thing is that -- >> you would thougknow. >> charlie sheen says the show is cursed obviously. he left the show and now angus seems to be leaving. >> lewis, we didn't have anytime. we have to go to break. but there's a second question americans are asking. when the hell are we going to take care of this middle east crisis by sending kim kar
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6